Industry Type:

Media / Video
Production Studios

Industry Overview:

This logo concept was created with the media and production industries in mind, however in the modern digital age can be quite versatile for creators of all forms, including youtube channels, podcasts and more.

Media/Video production company Logo Design | Brynk

This logo was created in a modern style, utilising splash colours for the motif and elements of the wordmark. It feels approachable in its form, yet bold and ambitious.

Brynk Logo Concept

The ‘Brynk’ logo was created using elements of the ‘B’, as well as a video play button and recording symbol.

The logo itself has been specifically designed for a media/video production type business venture, however can be adapted to be versatile.

The logo concept comes as an instant download with the wordmark ‘Brynk’, however if you wish to use this logo with an existing company name please select the custom option in the purchase window.

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