Large Format Design

Large format and exhibition design represent a dynamic and impactful form of visual communication, serving as instrumental tools in conveying a brand’s message, showcasing its offerings, and creating immersive brand experiences.

The importance of large format and exhibition design lies in their unparalleled capacity to command attention and leave a lasting impression.

With their ability to captivate audiences through scale, creativity, and interactivity, these design mediums play a pivotal role in engaging and influencing target audiences within various environments, such as trade shows, exhibitions, and public spaces.

Trade shows, exhibitions, office lobbies, building signage.. you name it, we do it.

By leveraging striking visuals, innovative display techniques, and strategic placement, these designs effectively draw in and captivate attendees, fostering a memorable and immersive brand experience.

Through the careful integration of compelling graphics, multimedia elements, and interactive technologies, large format and exhibition designs enable brands to create a multisensory environment that resonates with the audience on a profound and emotional level.

Large Format design formats that we can deliver

Exhibition Graphics

We have helped shape numerous exhibitions through our design solutions, with deliverables such as graphic walls, supporting information posters, and outdoor signage and posters.


Signage of all shapes and sizes, including external building signage, promotional signage, or even branded internal elements within your office/store space.


Roller banners, canvas banners or any other types of banner – we have created many different shapes and sizes. Need a hand? drop us a message today!

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