Logo & Brand Guideline Creation for a software development company.

This project was undertaken utilising our own branding and logo design process, which let us really dive into the business and understand who they were, what their USPS were, and what their business objectives were. The end result was a mixture of their vision and our creative expertise merged together into a final logo design and brand guideline.

Project Type:

Logo Design
Brand Guidelines


Create a unique logo design and supporting brand guideline document to capture the company, its values, and what the brand name represents,

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Exem: Execute. Empower.
"To deliver quality software, to push technological boundaries and to empower your business."

In their own words:

Exem Limited was founded in 2020 by two senior software developers with a passion for developing innovative and dependable systems. With broad experience in the industry, they were able to see the pillars and the pitfalls of modern software development. These pillars have now become the guidelines that they use to conduct business on a day-to-day basis.

Their aims are simple: to deliver quality software, to push technological boundaries and to empower your business. Their focus is on business needs, they work with you extensively to understand your business domain, to ensure they craft a personalised solution.

The process we followed led us to the following deliverables

Logo & Brand Guidelines created for a start up software development company. The meaning of the name ‘Execute. Empower’ sparked the idea of ‘.exe’ and ‘to the power of’ symbolism for the ‘exem’ typography.

The wordmark was created in lower case to keep the tone and image of the company as friendly and approachable, but with a heavier font weight to instil confidence in the company through its bold approach. Approachable, yet Confident and knowledgable are the key identifiers and values for the brand. They are a company who puts their customers at the forefront of their priorities, making themselves available on call 24 hours per day.

The Deliverables for this project were the final logo files in all relevant formats, and a brand guideline for the company to use within their own collateral moving forwards.

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