Exhibition branding and supporting graphics creation.

This project was initially undertaken as an exhibition branding project, in which we were asked to create the main ‘KAPOW’ graphic for the exhibit. Following on from this, we then created supporting artwork for the exhibition as well as marketing materials, banners and leaflets.

Project Type:

Print Design
Large Format & Exhibition
Visual Identity


Create the look and feel of the exhibition – ‘KAPOW – The Art of Making Comics and Films‘ for Rugby Art Gallery & Museum. To create the branding and supporting artwork that encompasses the exhibit itself and maintain consistency through the exhibition and all marketing materials.

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KAPOW - The Art of Making Comics and Film traces the artistic journey from concept to comic strip and from sketchbook to the silver screen.

In their own words:

The exhibition includes a host of classic and collectible comic books, including the first issues of Spider-Man and Incredible Hulk comics, both created by Stan Lee, the mastermind behind a string of legendary Marvel superheroes.

Kapow aims to challenge perceptions of what we traditionally think ‘art’ to be and considers whether the likes of Marvel and manga should be embraced in a similar way to Monet and Matisse.

We collaborated with Rugby Art Gallery & Museum on this project from start to finish, making sure that all of the projects deliverables were fit for purpose within the gallery itself, the themes were consistent with the pieces within the gallery, and they also adhered to the overarching museum branding (albeit with a lot of creative freedom to create the KAPOW branding!)

During this project we created a number of deliverables for the exhibition, which included:

  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Billboards
  • Graphic Walls
  • Exhibition Panels
  • Flyers
You can see a variety of the designs on this page, just keep scrolling to see some of the design pieces, as well as some shots that we took during the exhibition around the gallery.


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