Branding & Logo design for a Strategy & Marketing Agency

This project was undertaken as part of our ongoing partnership with our digital marketing agencies partners in order to create a new visual identity to brand Growify Marketing.

Project Type:

Logo Design
Visual Identity


Creation of a unique logo design and visual identity for a modern, progressive & innovative digital marketing agency.

"Welcome to a world of limitless possibilities for your brand"

In their own words:

With a team of experienced professionals, innovative strategies, and a relentless commitment to your success, we’re here to guide your brand on the path to growth, visibility, and long-lasting success.

The process of designing Growify Marketing’s visual identity followed our tried and tested design process, involving research and in depth conversations with their team, all the way through to delivering final logo files in all relevant formats along with a styleguide. 

The Logo

The logo mark itself was created to illustrate multiple elements – the idea of growth in nature via use of the colours, shape that loosely resembles natural fruit/foods, as well as the arrow pointing onwards and upwards within the motif itself. The idea behind utilising elements of nature came from the name itself, along with the nature of the business being adapatable, agile, and growing with their client base.

As well as taking on the branding project, we also assisted with their website design in which we developed the visual identity further in the form of visual illustrations, typographic styling and collateral guidelines in general. 

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