Local Planning Animation - explainer video

This project was undertaken as a 2D animation to explain the process of a local plan, and to drive engagement from local constituents to get involved and have their say in the topics up for review.

Project Type:

Motion Graphics
Explainer Video


Create an animation that explains what a local plan is, why it is important for the community and how local residents can get involved and have their say.

From storyboard to full animation - local plans explained.

This project was a collaborative piece from the start, with styling, scripting and voiceover all discussed and agreed before the project was undertaken. We always like to make sure our clients are involved through every step of any creative project so they know exactly what they are getting from us.

When taking on this project we were provided with a rough script from our client which gave us the initial starting point of our video. The script gave an overview of the local plan, what it is, and what it means for the community. The narrative was clear within the script, so this enabled us to create a storyboard to begin to piece the narrative together with visual representations of each scene.

Once the storyboard was approved, we took the rough scene designs and started to work these up into the final assets that would be used within the animation. Working to a defined style discussed at the beginning of the project, the assets were then approved by the client, enabling us to begin to animate the scenes.

We then took our assets into our animation software and began to bring the scenes to life through movement, transitions and additional detailed elements to represent each of the key elements within the voiceover. 

Once reviewed and approved by the client, we provided them with the video in high resolution MP4 format for use on all of their social channels and website. 

You can watch the full video below:

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