Branding & Logo design for our new animation templates digital store

This project was created as an internal brand split of hive creative media – the agency, and our e-commerce offering that sells animation templates. The objective was to give the e-commerce side of the business its own unique identity – Motionist.

Project Type:

Logo Design
Visual Identity


Creation of a sub brand for an internal Hive Creative Media venture – Motionist.

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Motion & Animation templates for content and video creators.

When hive creative media was first conceived, we initially sold animation templates as part of our service offering. As the brand matured and became more established in our sector as a creative agency we thought it would make more sense to split out the two services and create a dedicated digital store for all things animation templates.

The process of the followed our usual branding and website creation process, from research and ideation – all the way through to defining the visual identity and creation of the look and feel in order to create the website.

The Logo

The logo mark itself was created to illustrate multiple elements – the letter ‘M’, motion itself and the infinity symbol. 

These elements were brought together in the form of the motif, working alongside a soft, approachable typeface to makeup the logo design.

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