Logo design for a start up fitness community platform and application

Creation of a logo design and visual identity for a start-up fitness community and app designed for personal trainers to share experiences and learn from each other. The community also creates resources and templates for brand building and reach.

Project Type:

Logo Design
Visual Identity


Create a modular logo design for a fitness community app that resonates with the target demographic of personal trainers globally. The create a space for PTs to learn, share tips and access resources to help their businesses grow.

Pumpd: "Your mission, is our focus."
An Exclusive Community for Fitness Professionals

In their own words: 

PUMPD is a one-of-a-kind community for fitness professionals offering real-world solutions to common industry problems. When you join, you’ll have instant access to a wealth of tools, resources, and opportunities needed to take your in-person or online personal training business to the next level.

Our logo design process enabled us to experiment with a number of typefaces and colours – guided by our initial brief from the client to ensure the brand colours appealed to all genders, we decided on a mixture of two colours that stereotypically are masculine and femine respectively, merging the two to create a modular logo system for a number of use cases and placements.

For the typeface itself we wanted to bring an element of bold, energetic and ‘to the point’ aesthetics, resulting in the all caps, skewed, bold outcome you can see here. The wordmark needed to feel powerful when used alone without the motif, but also unique.

The modular system consists of wordmark only, motif only and full logo mark designs, in different combinations of the 3 core brand colours (+ white).


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