Logo & Brand Guideline Creation for a coucil net zero scheme.

This project was undertaken utilising our own branding and logo design process, which aided us in shaping the look and feel of the final branding package we put together for the scheme. Overall we were looking to capture the essence of the clean, future state look of what the net zero scheme aimed to do within the community.

Project Type:

Logo Design
Brand Guidelines


Create a unique logo design and supporting brand guideline document to shape the branding of the net zero scheme.

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Rugby Net Zero: Working together towards net zero carbon in Rugby

In their own words:

Recognising the scale of the climate emergency, Rugby Borough Council has committed to reducing the Council’s CO2 emissions to net zero by 2030. The council has also committed to provide community leadership to help reduce CO2 emissions towards net zero across the borough.

Net zero or carbon neutral means that the total amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted is balanced out (or offset) by the carbon that is removed from the atmosphere.

Visual identity and brand guidelines for a Net Zero Scheme brought in by Rugby Borough Council. The scheme itself was created to give guidance on what the council is introducing in order to make the borough more green, and to hit new zero targets.

The visual identity was initially conceptualised in the form of 3 ideas. After these were submitted to the client, they chose one of the concepts which we then developed into the final logo and visual identity.

The client opted for greens as opposed to other net zero colours such as light blue, and the icon was created utlising overlapping themes between the council and the net zero scheme. For example, the Rubgy ball icon also taking the form of a leaf, and the surrounding circle to represent the zero in ‘netzero’.

Take a look over a selection of the guidelines pages below. For privacy purposes, we have included more visual pages from the guide to showcase our work, and to protect some of the important information within the full guide.

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