Brynk Logo Concept

Industry Type: Media / Video Broadcasting Production Studios Industry Overview: This logo concept was created with the media and production industries in mind, however in the modern digital age can be quite versatile for creators of all forms, including youtube channels, podcasts and more. Media/Video production company Logo Design | Brynk This logo was created […]

Anchor Logo Concept

Industry Types: Rum / Drinks Maritime Industry Overview: This logo concept was created originally with a nautical ‘rum’ theme in mind, however can be very versatile and lend itself to other industries within a maritime/nautical theme. Modern Rum/Maritime Logo Design | Anchor A modern logo with a not to the traditional, classic era of nautical […]

Voyager Logo Concept

Clean, minimalist logo design depicting a bird motif to represent the ‘spreading of wings’. Created with a minimal colour palette and strong bold typeface.

Codehut Logo Concept

The ‘Codehut’ logo was created in a modern, clean style, using elements of programming languages to form the shape of a hut.

Lonewolf Logo Concept | SOLD

The Lonewolf logo was created in a minimalist geometric style, with sharp lines and angles connecting to create the instantly recognisable form of the wolfs head. The logo is very modern in its approach and colour palette, paired with a bold, prominent wordmark to strengthen the aesthetic of the brand.