Sustainable Construction Leave Behind

Leave behind design for a sustainable building materials producer This project was undertaken following the successful design of a social media calendar campaign revolving around a sustainability accreditation achieved by the company within the industry.  Project Type: Print Design Leave Behind Flyer Design Objective: To translate all of the information and visuals we created for […]

Local Plan Animation

Local Planning Animation – explainer video This project was undertaken as a 2D animation to explain the process of a local plan, and to drive engagement from local constituents to get involved and have their say in the topics up for review. Project Type: Animation Motion Graphics Explainer Video Objective: Create an animation that explains […]

Brynk Logo Concept

Industry Type: Media / Video Broadcasting Production Studios Industry Overview: This logo concept was created with the media and production industries in mind, however in the modern digital age can be quite versatile for creators of all forms, including youtube channels, podcasts and more. Media/Video production company Logo Design | Brynk This logo was created […]

Anchor Logo Concept

Industry Types: Rum / Drinks Maritime Industry Overview: This logo concept was created originally with a nautical ‘rum’ theme in mind, however can be very versatile and lend itself to other industries within a maritime/nautical theme. Modern Rum/Maritime Logo Design | Anchor A modern logo with a not to the traditional, classic era of nautical […]

Voyager Logo Concept

Clean, minimalist logo design depicting a bird motif to represent the ‘spreading of wings’. Created with a minimal colour palette and strong bold typeface.

Codehut Logo Concept

The ‘Codehut’ logo was created in a modern, clean style, using elements of programming languages to form the shape of a hut.

Exhibition Design – The Art of Making Comics and Films

Exhibition branding and supporting graphics creation. This project was initially undertaken as an exhibition branding project, in which we were asked to create the main ‘KAPOW’ graphic for the exhibit. Following on from this, we then created supporting artwork for the exhibition as well as marketing materials, banners and leaflets. Project Type: Print Design Large […]

The Rolling Mill Promotional Videos

Promotional videos for christmas themed events at a restaurant/bar During Christmas time at ‘The Rolling Mill’, based in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham city centre, the restaurant/bar wanted promotional videos for their social media platforms showcasing their incredible food menu, along with the themed winter wonderland bar and Disaronno Takeover cocktail event.  Project Type: Videography Promotional […]

Rugby Net Zero Branding

Logo & Brand Guideline Creation for a coucil net zero scheme. This project was undertaken utilising our own branding and logo design process, which aided us in shaping the look and feel of the final branding package we put together for the scheme. Overall we were looking to capture the essence of the clean, future […]

Lonewolf Logo Concept | SOLD

The Lonewolf logo was created in a minimalist geometric style, with sharp lines and angles connecting to create the instantly recognisable form of the wolfs head. The logo is very modern in its approach and colour palette, paired with a bold, prominent wordmark to strengthen the aesthetic of the brand.